10 Benefits of a Marketing Platform

June 16, 2022
Clara Holz

Marketing has altered the way people buy and sell goods and services. With a plethora of benefits, leveraging an integrated marketing platform will assist a business in maximizing benefits and scaling quickly.

Integrated marketing platforms have become a lifeline for eCommerce businesses because it combines reach and ROI. Without a solid and integrated marketing platform, your company may be forced to rely on multiple platforms, resulting in cache data, difficult time management, and missed engagement opportunities. Inefficient service and customer experiences result from a disconnected platform, making it difficult to extend overall value.

An integrated marketing platform, on the other hand, can help your brand streamline operations and focus on what matters most: delivering consistent and high-converting customer experiences.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of using these platforms for your business.

  1. A single administrator can easily manage everything

Aside from the convenience of not having to navigate multiple software admins, it also increases efficiency and promotes good time management because all you need to do is understand and provide solutions to your customers through a single platform.

  1. Reduced onboarding time

Using a marketing platform gives you access to technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With a marketing suite such as Tiazen, your company receives not only nonstop technical advice but also round-the-clock customer support to make installation and customization easier. This significantly reduces onboarding time and simplifies the process.

  1.  Effective data-driven analytics and categories

Use a platform approach to create the best-converting audiences for your marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. With predictive categorization, you’ll be provided with AI-powered robust platform data, to help you maximize revenue for every marketing strategy. For example, Customers with high sentiment scores in their feedback can be segmented and encouraged to participate in your referral program. Likewise, if you want to promote your higher-margin product lines, you can create a segment of customers who are highly likely to buy and offer discounts.

  1. Gain and boost insights on customer’s preferences

A unified marketing platform, such as Tiazen by Chargezen, will assist you in understanding each customer's individual preferences, purchasing habits, and needs, allowing you to interact with them on a more personalized level. For example, the upsell and bundle feature allows you to provide added value to customers while increasing your average order size and motivating shoppers to spend more by offering bundled products that can be purchased in one click. Allowing customers to build a bundle based on their preferences and setting a percentage discount for each product combination so customers know how much they will save.

  1. Appealing advertising campaigns

Determine which marketing and advertising strategies are most effective in increasing customer engagement. With data and AI insights, you can determine what strategies work best and what can be improved.

  1. Increased content conversion rate

Create campaigns that highlight your best reviews if your customers are engaging with review content. Alternatively, you can save time by automatically sorting content captured in reviews by product and then displaying that content on product pages to increase purchase confidence. If your customers spend more time on a page with product photos and videos, you can concentrate your efforts on gathering more visual user-generated content.

  1. Combined action for enhanced productive output across all channels

Every effort becomes more data-driven and impactful when all of your marketing strategies are interconnected on a single platform source of truth.

  1. Marketing efforts have a higher profit margin 

By Using data to target customers at the right time with campaigns, loyalty and referrals, SmartySMS, upsells, and bundles that drive revenue and foster relationships, Chargezen users see a return on investment in as little as three weeks! We make certain that you always get the most out of our products.

  1. Unified billing system

Your brand's finance team doesn't have to track down multiple touchpoints to manage billing. An integrated platform allows for unified billing, allowing you to focus on growth rather than managing different contracts.

  1. Operations with a high degree of scalability

 An integrated marketing platform comes equipped with numerous technical and financial advantages. You can rest assured that you're getting the greatest technical infrastructure, like a combined agreement across products, GDPR and CCPA compliance, and unified APIs for easy installation and business efficiencies to help your organization scale seamlessly.

Start driving sales in just a few clicks instead of relying on various marketing platforms. Tiazen marketing suite leverages data to target customers at the perfect moment with campaigns, loyalty & referrals, SmartySMS, upsells, and packages that drive revenue and cultivate connections.


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