August 8, 2022
Clara Holz

Loyalty programs are one of the most effective tactics for increasing revenue and inspiring customer loyalty. One of the best ways to provide customer loyalty is through subscription.

With eCommerce subscription, you supply customers with their favorite products and everything they need at designated times so that they never run out of stock as long as they stay subscribed. But to succeed with eCommerce subscription, you need to be proactive with management, integrate your back-end data sources to support your eCommerce flow, and occasionally develop a unique solution to gain a competitive edge.

How the Direct-to-Consumer trend has changed the e-commerce industry.

In recent times especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, eCommerce has experienced a remarkable increase in direct-to-customer sales. According to Shopify, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) movement accounts for 40% of the sales growth in the digital marketing sector.

A good reason for this exponential growth can be attributed to the benefits attached to both Customers and Merchant. Consumers benefit from direct-to-consumer commerce due to lower prices, more selection, and enhanced personalization. Direct-to-consumer commerce is also advantageous to merchants since it enables direct interaction with consumers and quick response time to dynamic customer preferences and trends.

Proactive management for successful eCommerce subscription

While running a subscription business, things can get a bit complex without proper management, especially if you have different durations, incentives, and communication patterns throughout the customer life cycle. If you are just beginning the journey you will need to make some product and operational changes and build out new capabilities in the supply chain, distribution, customer service, finance, or sales.

With a solution like Chargezen that simplifies subscription, you can manage multiple capabilities from just one dashboard and automate the lifecycle from activation to usage and renewal, so you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Its customizable nature helps you give your customers a seamless experience while you focus on other things like staff management, maintaining product quality, etc.

Why customize my subscription solution

When you decide to sell subscription, you may need design, integration and strategic customization that work best for your products and customers.

At Chargezen, we understand that it’s never a one-cap fits all heads affair. We analyze the uniqueness of each company we have worked with and customize Chargezen to fit. A few things we consider and sometimes tweak if need be are:

Customizing your website's eCommerce flow when a company that traditionally sells physical goods adds a service into its eCommerce flow.

  • Designing an interface unique to you based on your brand’s needs.
  • Integrating all your team’s existing apps to ensure a seamless flow from one dashboard.
  • Guiding your customers towards some value-added products that are available will not just get them subscribed but will also allow you to upsell subscribers.
  • Updating product catalogs and managing availability status for your customers as they shop.
  • Analytical tools that target customers at the right time with campaigns, loyalty, and foster relationships.
  • Integrate your back-end data sources to support your eCommerce.

Subscription Solutions are now offering integration as a product feature so that business owners can synchronize their platforms into one to ensure a better user experience for customers and increase work-output efficiency for merchants.

Subscription sale retains customers.

Subscription has remained the fastest-growing niche in e-commerce in the last couple of years. In fact, according to the Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA), 75% of direct-to-consumer brands will provide subscription services by 2023. By 2024, subscriptions will contribute 20% of the revenue increase for businesses engaged in digital commerce, according to Gartner.

Not only does subscription offer convenience and save customers money who want to replenish their commodity products, but it also helps businesses keep customers coming back. And just because subscription commerce is very popular in the food and drink niche doesn't mean it can't be used for products related to manufacturing, construction, education, healthcare, and other industries.  

Imagine a laundry service that offers discounts to clients who sign up for as many laundry runs as they require.

So not only Consumers that subscribe benefit from the convenience and automatic reduction of one task from their to-do list, with additional perks like free delivery or usage/volume savings. But  Businesses benefit from eCommerce subscription because it offers a consistent, recurring income stream, cheaper cost of revenue collection, as well as higher customer loyalty and retention rates.


Do you want to know more about how you can upscale your business by leveraging subscription eCommerce? Or would you like to automate your management processes, customize your subscription solution to fit your needs and Integrate your back-end data sources to support your eCommerce flow?

With the most advanced vertically integrated cloud-based platform for managing subscriptions, Chargezen enables brands to sell recurring products and subscription boxes.  From the strategic planning stage to creating customized user-centered design and implementation, Chargezen helps you integrate your systems, and processes, and give your customers a shopping experience that will keep them coming back for more.

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