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Frequently Asked Questions

Industry-leading features. World-class customer support.

How soon can I get up & running with ChargeZen
From 30 minutes! We're an enterprise-first software; which means we integrate tightly with your tech stack & branding. Launch times depend on the complexity of your stack.
Can I migrate from other subscriptions or replenishment apps to chargezen?
Yeah sure! Just speak to our support team and we'll migrate your data and customers over in no time!.
Can I use one account for the several DTC brands I own?
Yes of course! Let us know and we'll consolidate all of yours brands under one billing account so you use one dashbard for all your brands.
How do I manage chargebacks & failed payments?
Chargezen utilizes smart card fraud filters & payment failure management systems that optimizes for the lowest chargeback & churn rates.
Does Chargezen support upsells & one-time products?
Yes it does! On the Advanced plan, you can offer upsells in the cart and customer portal; or one-time products in the customer portal.
Is ChargeZen PCI & GDPR compliant?
Yes it is, and since shopify manages your customers credit card information, we don't tamper with it. We satisfy all data sharing & GDPR regulations. We're ISO 9001 certified.
What about one-off items or purchases? Are there any other charges?
Transaction fees will be charged to all subscription orders & attributed orders - replenishment, quiz, bundles, etc
What are the limitations of the free plan?
All app features are now the same for all packages; however access to the concierge team & transaction fees differ across plans.
Which payment gateways are supported?
Chargezen integrates with over 100 payment gateways in North America, Europe, Australia, & EMEA. We support all the major payment processors on Shopify, Salesforce Commerce, Adobe & Woocommerce - Stripe, Shopify payments,, Braintree, WorldPay, Paystack, Paddle, Adyen etc
Do you have a trial version I can try before I buy it?
Absolutely! Our sales team can set you up with a 30-day trial; and you can launch with some of the features; then gradually transition to the full suite.